Saturday, December 6, 2008

library dilemma...

at the library, trying to work on my application essays. unfortunately, i am hungry, distracted, drank too much coffee, and don't really know what to write at the moment. suffice it to say, i'm not getting very far.

plus, i have to pee. bad. as in, a-cup-and-a-half-at-home-plus-my-giant-travel-mug-full-of-coffee-all-in-under-and-hour bad. (see? that's pretty bad, right?)

but while the dilemma i face is truly common, that makes it no less important. do i (inconveniently) pack up and lug all my shit to the bathroom with me, only to be almost guaranteed to lose my *choice* spot on the 8th floor by the window overlooking nearly all of downtown san jose, mount diablo, and the foothills on this oh-so-crowded day with SJSU finals approaching? or, do i leave my backpack, purse, jacket, computer, mp3 player, wallet, phone, and brand-new-stainless-steel-CoffeeBean&TeaLeaf-travel-coffee-mug, hoping that i can rely on the goodness of people not to raid my purse, drink my coffee, and steal my shit?

if that dilemma weren't difficult enough already, imagine trying to decide all of this while you have to PEE.


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huma said...

i wonder what you did! from all my library experiences, the best thing to do in these sorts of situations is take everything with you. you won't believe how people just walk off with things. :/

and yes, the library is quite filthy indeed! ne horosho!

it looks like we both had a shitty day. i looked for places to apply after i graduate and found no one looking for an english teacher with just an MA and no credentials.