Monday, January 12, 2009

can i handle the truth?

myspace now has an app called the *truth box*. just for fun, i decided to install it. a month later, i finally figured out how to retrieve the messages. besides the test message i sent myself ("i think you are just fine and dan-dee...") there were three others.

there is the expected perverse reply - "i want to grab that ass! :0)"

the pervert who put a little more effort into it - "I want to wear you like a feed bag and eat that sweet poon tang like it's my last meal on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !" ahhh. i always do appreciate some good 13-year-old-boy sense of humor.

and my personal favorite, because it's the most hurtful (or at least the most annoying) which to me means the most honest, i suppose - "the beach is overrated. just like your default picture"

huh. possibly true. the beach is overrated - i agree with that. but as for the picture - i'll let you decide...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

three things (plus one)...

1. i have no idea why borders is selling kitchen towels, but i bought these today. so cute! and even better - half off!

hades is enjoying them too.

2. keanu reeves is a terriible, TERRIBLE actor. (the russian is watching point break...)

3. i bought this yesterday.

i'm officially OLD.

pS - my feet were killing me on new years. i seriously felt crippled. Torture!!!

otherwise though, the night was gorgeous!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

in no particular order...

a few resolutions, if you will...

drink less

complain less

stop worrying about what other people think

worry less in general

be less selfish

stop being late to everything!

call my mom more often

have more fun! truly enjoy and experience life

write more

exercise (duh.)

eat more vegetables

and finally...

get my shit together and my head out of my ass

happy new year. now go make your own list!