Monday, January 12, 2009

can i handle the truth?

myspace now has an app called the *truth box*. just for fun, i decided to install it. a month later, i finally figured out how to retrieve the messages. besides the test message i sent myself ("i think you are just fine and dan-dee...") there were three others.

there is the expected perverse reply - "i want to grab that ass! :0)"

the pervert who put a little more effort into it - "I want to wear you like a feed bag and eat that sweet poon tang like it's my last meal on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !" ahhh. i always do appreciate some good 13-year-old-boy sense of humor.

and my personal favorite, because it's the most hurtful (or at least the most annoying) which to me means the most honest, i suppose - "the beach is overrated. just like your default picture"

huh. possibly true. the beach is overrated - i agree with that. but as for the picture - i'll let you decide...

1 comment:

gerard said...

I like that picture. Beaches aren't overrated. Especially to those of us unfortunate enough not to live near any beaches. Natch.