Tuesday, September 2, 2008

back in the saddle...

kidney-infection-detox has ended.

i enjoyed several cups of coffee over the weekend, and am about to have my first one today as we speak (write).

the beer-fast ended saturday at my dad's house. my brother CSS, his wife Ru, my sister Rin and her boyfriend Sears joined our dad and stepmom Karol at their house in boulder creek for tacos. when we were growing up, tacos was always the number one requested dish in our house, and it still is today. my dad's tacos are ab-fab, and every few months we try to get together for *tacos at dads*. in addition to tacos, this usually involves beer, darts, fun, more beer, and occasionally some can-shootin' with bee-bee guns. (we are a semi-white-trash family of beer-drinkers - what can i say?) anyways, due to the kidney infection (and the severe antibiotics that were raging through my system,) i decided to take it easy... 3 beers later, i was buzzed. but 3 beers is better than 6, and so i am impressed with myself. sad but true.

sunday night, the russian and i used a $10 off coupon to try E & O Trading Company, and i continued to take it easy, ordering only one Lagunitas IPA to wash down our absolutely de-lish din. (review of E & O to follow later this week...)

yesterday we went to grande for burgers and beer. by chance, our waitress turned out to be russian. this, of course, always leads to trouble in the form of imbibing a little extra alc
ohol (but that is another entry, for another day...)
long story short - we had 2 pitchers of beer instead of just one, officially putting an end to my week-of-moderation.

still though - i am going to try and drink in moderation only. it is a skill that i need to master, and honestly should have learned a long time ago. my liver, kidneys, and social life will thank me.

enjoy a photo of me and my daddy, showing big smiles after a few beers. and yes - that's a simpsons t-shirt.

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Hairy Soap said...

Good man. He's got an A's hat. Too bad you didn't take after him in that respect. Boo Dodgers!