Tuesday, July 14, 2009

romping around...

i don't know who can pull off that Romper crap, but it sure as shit isn't me.

not only was the thing totally up my butt (standing still mind you - i imagine that had i bent over to pick something up, or done something
totally active, like, oh i don't know, BLINK, that it would have ripped me in two - business end first) but throw a tool belt on me and i look like i'm about to go assist with some house building. or, add a goofy hat and some roller skates and i can deliver those burgers and shakes to your car, sir. would you like fries with that?

i guess you just have to be one of those daddy-long-legs broads to look great in a romper. girls with freakishly long torsos who buy their jeans in the *short* section Need Not Apply.

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