Wednesday, August 6, 2008

6625 Abrego Road

sometimes i long for such simple things from the past. just now i was thinking about one of the places i lived in santa barbara. the house itself wasn't that great, but it was the first time i had had my own room in, well, years. close to 5 years, actually. it was small (the queen size mattress i had stacked on my futon took up the majority of the space, with barely room for a desk and my tele,) narrow, and had dark green carpet; all of which made me feel like i was living on a pool table. thankfully there was a built-in bookcase, because there certainly wasn't room for a free-standing one. it was tiny, but it was all mine, and i loved it. it was safe and cozy. in that room i started my first blog, took an obscene amount of self-portraits, drank my first homemade cosmo (alone), and watched way too much elimidate (while eating an entire can of pringles.) it was my sanctuary.

this morning while i was walking to the bathroom at work, i for some unknown reason flashed on that room; the closet, in particular. for how small the room was, the closet was disproportionately large. it was a walk-in closet, with no door. since i didn't have any cats yet (pets are virtually forbidden in any Isla Vista apartment), i had the luxury of hanging a sheer white curtain in the doorway. (said sheer white curtain is currently sitting folded in my linen closet at home, unused since the arrival of my two koshki. if you are a cat owner, you well know that the words *sheer* and *cats* do not go together...)

anyways, i loved this closet, for no particular reason. it was just big and private and had a pretty curtain, and i could cry in it if i felt the need. and this morning i missed it. now that i live with 2 cats and a Russian, i don't have a lot of *alone-time*. our closet is giant, but it's not all that great for crying in.

and unfortunately, there's no pretty curtain either.

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huma said...

"sometimes i long for such simple things from the past."

this post made me miss this wild fenced in 'secret garden' that was hidden away in the backyard of my old house. i used to run away and hide there when i knew i was about to get in trouble. my parents could never get in because there was a tiny little gate that only i could crawl through.