Thursday, August 7, 2008

embarrassing photos 101

sometimes i drink too much.

despite all appearances, tonight is NOT one of those nights.

here is a picture of one of those nights.

is that a WHOLE bottle of vodka??

and here is another, (giving my best billy idol. holla!)

here's one of me drunk, standing on a bar:

and finally:

she was fun. i seriously miss her. we had 6 or so strawberry-lemonades that evening. *sigh*

anyhoo, i'm done embarrassing myself (for the evening.) i'm gonna go watch my beloved gilmore girls now.
(speaking of the *gilmores*, she looks like lorelai... *double sigh*)

and finish my beer.


vicelog for le 7 aout:

7ish? beers (happy hour din, music in the park, gilmore girls... you know how it goes.
some days are long.)

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