Monday, August 4, 2008

on a lighter note...

i am by no means a wine aficionado. i am, in fact, a self-proclaimed non-wine-drinker/beer-lover. i can't help it - i love beer. i grew up in a beer-lovin' family. plus, it's delicious. but more about the joys of beer later. tonight i am here to discuss... wine.

since i do love drinking en generale, not drinking wine cuts out a pretty large portion of the alcohol market for me. plus, i kind of like the idea of a sophisticated evening, sipping on a nice glass of wine while reading voltaire and snacking on some havarti dill and water crackers. it sounds so refined, ya know?

anyways, a few years ago i had this roommate jessie, who was, BY FAR, the greatest roommate on the face of the earth. i swear - if you ever have the opportunity to live with JC, do it. you will have a blast, make a friend for life, and never regret it.

but i digress.

jess wines and, well, wines with the best of them. girl likes her beer, but christ on a cracker, can she drink some
m-f-ing WINE. at one point during our cohabitation, jess and her boyfriend broke up. she was going through a rough time, and consequently i would come home from work and find her 3 bottles deep - purple teeth and all, begging me to sing karaoke or make a jack-in-the-box run. we usually ended up eating philly cheesesteak hotpockets from the fridge, while i had a few beers and she tried to sober up for work in the morning.

but again - i digress.

so while i was living with jessie, i decided it was high time i became a wine drinker. i no longer wanted to discriminate against an entire category of booze. being a beginner, i decided i needed to start at the beginning. a nice, slow
ease into the world of wine - with some blush Franzia. thus, my first foray into wine drinking began with some refrigerated white zin - straight outta the box. needless to say, it couldn't end well.

and it didn't.

i (barely) recall barfing pink wine and ham-n-cheese hotpockets into the bathtub late one ni
ght, while i sat on the toilet. i had been drinking the franzia out of the biggest wine glass you've ever seen (it was like a goblet!), while Dr. Scott (bachelor # 2 for the month) and i watched the OC on dvd. it was a long time before i tried anything made from fermented grapes again.

but lately i have been trying to be a big girl, and introduce myself to some new wines. i have come to realize that i pretty much only like white wines. perhaps this is just beginners luck, or maybe my tastebuds aren't suited for reds, but either way i am okay with whites for now.

the wine i tried tonight is called Middle Sister, selected solely for the name (i'm quite discriminating, obviously. the majority of my picks are based on the name or the label. what can i say? i'm a sucker for advertising.) it is white, which is as advanced as my limited knowledge of wine can describe it. and while being a tad sweet, it was pretty good, and met my biggest requirement - it didn't make me shudder, homer-simpson-when-he-sees-patty-and-
selma-stylie. hopefully, the more wines i taste, the more descriptive i can be. at this point, all you get are simple adjectives and cartoon comparisons...

i have attached a picture for further reference.


vice log for monday, le 4 aout...

partial bottle of wine
1 soma/1 vicodine (cramps...)
multiple cups o' coffee
half a piece of carrot cake
(this was just to spite the Russian, so he couldn't have the whole piece. aren't i terrible...?)

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