Monday, August 4, 2008

what do you get when you put two mules together?

on our walk home, the Russian and i passed a make-up-less girl in an unbuttoned plaid flannel shirt, baggy silvertab jeans, bookish glasses, and a faux-hawk. and my first thought was "i'd rather be a lesbian than have just argued about f-ing GROCERIES with my boyfriend at Zanottos."

as the Russian and i walked home from the store, we each only spoke one word - to a lady walking her dog. she extended a warm evening greeting, and despite our nasty mood, the Russian and i both obliged her with a semi-friendly (albeit slightly forced sounding) hello. the walk home with the groceries was otherwise silent - with the exception of some interesting words from one quite prolific bum, who seemed to hit the nail on the head; "Everytime you settle for less, less is what you get."

i certainly do not think that i am settling for less with the russian. he is an amazing person, in many ways - and when we are not bickering over money, we have intelligent, interesting, silly, loving, fun, smart conversations. on the other hand, we do argue about a lot of useless shit. say, for instance, groceries. piddly, petty things. thankfully, this is pretty much the only thing we argue about - but still.

how can two extremely stubborn people learn to look beyond the petty arguments that accompany daily life, and remember to just continue to enjoy each other? we both hate being so stubborn. we both want to just have fun together. why do stupid things like cheese and v8 have to ruin the whole shebang?

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huma said...

i like how you call him "the russian"