Saturday, August 9, 2008

a bold statement.

en generale, i tend to avoid bold statements, but i am going to make one here:

Side One of Fleetwood Mac's Self-Titled 1975 album is, by far, the single best side of a record, ever.

Track List:

1. Monday Morning
2. Warm Ways
3. Blue Letter
4. Rhiannon
5. Over My Head
6. Crystal

All six songs are fabulous.

A few years ago I was staying with Nick-Tony-Spencer in Woodland Hills. Nick & Tony were roommates/friends from college, and Spencer was Tony's BFF from high school. Long story short, Spencer and I were dating and I was out of an apartment, and I ended up freeloading with them for a few months. Anyways, when it was my week to clean, I would kick the boys out of the apartment, put on FM's *Rumours*, and clean my ass off. I never thought I could love another record more than I loved Rumours.

Until I discovered this one.

Unsuspectingly, I picked it up at the Goodwill one day, for 99 cents. I didn't even have a record player at the time, but was building my collection for when I finally acquired one. I loved Rumours so much that I figured anything else by them must be pretty good too. Holy moly, wasn't I surprized when Gary finally gave me a record player. I was blown away. And now I listen to it every chance I get. It never gets old. Ab-Fab.

I highly suggest picking this up the next time you see it at a yard sale or in the bargain bin. Worth the dollar, and then some!

pS - totally not my type, but how HOT was lindsey buckingham?! yowzah!

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Anonymous said...

Agreed - I just got the remastered edition with several bonus tracks. Recommended too.