Friday, August 15, 2008

swimming pools, uneven bars...

re: the olympics

1. micheal phelps is not human. i think he is an alien. seriously.

2. i heart nastia liukin. i have loved gymnastics from the moment i watched Nadia on tele when i was 5. nastia is certainly no Ms. Comaneci, but she is damn good. graceful, elegant, powerful, and was born in moscow even! so the russian and i can agree on her, at least :)
[kind of. personally, i think he secretly finds her a traitor...]


3. is shawn johnson a midget? i'm not trying to be mean or make a joke here. i think she really might technically be a little person. Wiki says she's 4'9'' - i think that's the legal height for a little person. then again, she is only 16. she's got time to grow, i guess.

4. bela karolyi makes me giggle. is he drunk? (possibly.) senile? (not likely.) i'm not so sure about that, but two things are certain: he is perhaps, the best gymnastics coach EVER, and he is indeed a total spaz. and i love him.

pS - check the links! i went a little crazy adding some extras :)

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